Salur Machine Conveyor is the mechanism that minimizes human power when it comes to transportation and transfer. Conveyors have started to be used in every sector today and can be manufactured in accordance with every sector. Conveyors are divided into many groups within themselves. Besides these, conveyors can be specially manufactured.

Pvc Belt Conveyor: The movement of Pvc Belt Conveyors is provided by motor power. Pvc Belt Conveyors are the reason for preference in sectors that are not directly exposed to heat, products that can damage the belt are not transported. The conveyors used in Pvc Belt are manufactured at slightly lower costs than other belts and other conveyor types. Pvc Belt Conveyors are preferred for Flat Type, Miniature, L Type Conveyors. There are color options available in Pvc Tapes. Pvc Tape is not suitable for food, but Polyurethane tape may be preferred as a substitute for Pvc Tape in the food industry.

Chain Conveyor: The movement of Chain Conveyors occurs with the help of motor power and chain. The conveyor gets movement thanks to the chain that travels along the conveyor. Transportation takes place by connecting chains to the product with rolls, buckets, containers or directly using hooks. Chain Conveyors can be manufactured in accordance with each sector.

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